How to set up Godaddy mail in Gmail?


By: Andres Castillo Ormaechea

If you ever want to look a bit more professional for your business either if its freelance, small startup or even just "trying something out" you can buy a custom domain email in Godaddy ~ €50/year and linking it to your personal Gmail so you can control everything thru your personal Gmail UI. There is a more powerful pay and go option which is GSuite thats goes for around ~ €65/year. You have much more features like Google drive (30 GB), hangouts and calendar and much more.

Nevertheles, in this post we will discuss how to setup a custom Godaddy mail ( into Gmail UI.

Log in to your Gmail and click the Gear icon ⚙️ -> Settings -> Accounts and Import

Gmail import settings

In order to send mail thru Gmail in the section of "Send mail as:" click -> Add another email address:

  • Enter your Name.
  • Enter your custom email address.
  • Unclick "treat as an alias".
  • Click Next step.

For the second window use the following settings:

  • SMTP server:
  • Username:
  • Password: yourpassword
  • Port: 465
  • Activate / Blue check SSL (recommended)
  • Save changes
SMTP settings

Now that is done we want to be able to receive our custom email in Gmail so we do to "Check mail from other accounts:" section and click -> Add a mail account:

  • Enter your Email address

For the second window:

  • Select "Import emails from my other account (POP3)"

And for the last window:

  • Username:
  • password: yourpassword
  • POP Server:
  • Port: 995
  • Activate / Blue check "Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server."
  • Activate / Blue check "Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail"
  • Activate / Blue check "Label incoming messages"
  • Click Add Account
POP3 settings