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Digital marketing analytics and web analytics

What is the difference between web analytics and marketing analytics and how we can have a more holistical approach to reach maximum performance.

paris 13ieme arrendisement


What is the digital marketing channel mix?

An intro on the different marketing channels available to reach customers in our digital world and how we can mix these channels for greater reach and stronger impact.

paris 13ieme arrendisement


Why use immutable vs mutable code in JavaScript?

I was stuck for two days with a problem. This basic concept could have saved me all that time. I thought it would be nice to share my experience with you.

Godaddy POP3 settings


How to set up Godaddy mail in Gmail?

You have a personal Godaddy email account but want to check it in Gmail? This read is for you my friend.

How to count characters in javascript


How to count characters in a JavaScript string

Are we really counting characters or code points? Let's find out!

Google's Mobile Friendly test tool: bad font size


How font size works in Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool

What font size should my page have? Does google take into account invisible text? opacity? display? visibility?