Corporate Website for client.

Design Process:


Responsive Layout (Mobile, Tablets & Desktop):

Landing page




Call to Action


Menu (Dropdown)



  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Custom grid
  • Sass

SEO technique and implementation (A few)

Analysis and information gathering

This step is previous to any SEO implementation and it gives information about the current status of the company or business on the web. This step is important to define the starting point of the project:

  • Developed content.
  • Current traffic.
  • Current keywords and implementation.
  • General SEO technique and implementation.
Competitors investigation

It's a good practice to see what your competitors are doing. It helps to polish your digital marketing strategy and it is trivial since most information is public and easy to find with a little guidance:

  • Website traffic and rankings.
  • General SEO technique implementation.
  • External reference links (linkbuilding strategy).
  • Internal reference links (linkbuilding strategy).
  • Keyword implementation.
Title tags (with keyword research)

Title tags are a must when implementing SEO to a website. The key relies on knowing what keywords to implement with prior investigation to statistics in the number of keyword queries regarding defined aspects like:

  • Keywords contained in the content that is going to be generated in the website.
  • Keywords that describe accurately the activity of the business.
  • Target country, city or zone.
  • Target languages.
Microdata Schema

Microdata schema is a way of structuring the website so search engines can understand them better, faster and more accurately. Applying microdata schema to the website from a developers perspective can be seen as an object oriented website design so search engines and robots crawl the 'objects' or content in a more efficient way. I personally see it as a convention between developers and search engines for better communication.

A small example listed below:

                          <div itemscope itemtype="">
                            <span itemprop="legalName"> Trelec Bilbao Technology Centre </span>
                            <h2> <span itemprop="makesOffer"> Asesoramiento personalizado </span> </h2>